Friday, December 09, 2005

Googlezon - SOA in Action

Today's applications require rich user interfaces and tie together multiple systems. It was hard enough to build a simple HTML app to front-end a single database - most of these types of projects are delivered over budget and late, if at all. Clearly, using today's technologies, developers can't deliver these types of applications in a time-efficient and cost-effective way.

As many of you know, we built ActiveGrid from the ground up with AJAX as well as SOA standards like BPEL, XML Schema, WSDL, and XPath. The new 1.2 version of the ActiveGrid Application Builder and LAMP Application Server offer numerous rich interface and SOA features that make it very easy to build rich applications that tie together a slew of services, ranging from databases to RSS feeds to REST services to Web services.

Check out the following demo app, Googlezon (named after the Googlezon Flash movie that made the rounds last year. Googlezon lets you search both Google and Amazon at the same time by calling Google's SOAP service and Amazon's REST service. It uses scrollbars that asynchronously fetch data from Google or Amazon as you scroll, so you can simply scroll back up to see the previous results. And it previews pages in pop-ups when you mouse over the search results. We like to call it a better Google than Google. :)

Imagine integrating your CRM and ERP results into a single page, just like this ActiveGrid demo integrates Amazon and Google.

Update: Apparently we have hit the Google connection limit, so here's a screenshot for those of you who are getting an error message!

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