Monday, June 26, 2006

LAMP + Java = Enterprise Web 2.0

A few months ago, I posted an open letter to Jonathan Schwartz, then President and COO of Sun, asking him to open source Java so that the JVM would attract the PHP, Python, and Perl open source communities and bring the Java and LAMP worlds together with a single VM.

Sun announced at JavaOne last month that they would open source Java. While no one is quite sure what the license will be, we at ActiveGrid have taken this to heart and have started contributing to the Jython project, mainly by updating Jython to Python 2.3 (from Python 2.1, where it had been languishing ever since Microsoft hired Jim Hugunin to make Python run better on the .net CLR).

With ActiveGrid Studio v2 and ActiveGrid Server v2, our LAMP-based technology will run within a Java server. All of our customers have found it incredibly easy to build new, Web 2.0 style applications that integrate with their enterprise backends, but have found it challening to get new server technologies approved within their IT deployment organizations.

We are excited that Java is joining the open source community and to contribute towards making Java a better home for dynamic languages.

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webmink said...

Great to see you're working on Jython - I've been a fan for a while and got together with Tim Bray to have support for it added to NetBeans. High time we saw some some positive action on alternative languages for the Java platform.