Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Aptana Rocks!

I have been programming in JavaScript this past couple of weeks using Aptana's JavaScript Eclipse plug-in. It is a really nice Eclipse plug-in that makes creating and using AJAX components a breeze. The best part is their Firefox plug-in that lets you do step-by-step debugging of JavaScript using the Eclipse debugger. Beautiful! Jeff Norton, who used to be at ActiveGrid, is at Aptana now cooking up some kind of server, can't wait to see what that will be like.

Update: Added link to Aptana, thanks for pointing out the oversight, Rektide!


Michael Neale said...

Nice. Yes goode olde debugging is sometimes just what you need. Of course, you hope you never need it, but just knowing it is there is great, and its great for learning.
I have used/are using Dojo, prototype etc with firebug (not bad), but lately GWT from google. Even though Java is far less expressive then Javascript (or any dynamic language) - the first class debugging for "hosted" mode makes it actually pay of for complex stuff (that and the IDE navigation, refactoring) - will be great to see JS as first class in IDEs like eclipse too !

Peter Yared said...

Hey Michael, thanks for your comments. I was IMing with Paul Ambrose (WebLogic) today and he is also using GWT for his project. For my app I need good drag and drop support and minimal server interactions so I am coding in JS/Dojo. It's all still relatively immature, but that's the fun part. Especially when you have a good debugger! :)

rektide said...

i'm actually a bit of a fan, i hope you can forgive this somewhat brusk comment: this is the www, drop some links on us!