Friday, May 18, 2007

Microsoft vs. Adobe: Game Over

Microsoft has just launched Popfly, the alpha of their new web page/mashup/widget content creation tool that uses their new Silverlight rich application engine. With tooling like Popfly, Silverlight is going to absolutely cream Flash. Flash apps are a pain to build, especially data-driven flash applications, and are expensive to deploy. Popfly and Silverlight significantly lower the bar for creating rich Internet applications, and let developers share components via a social network to boot.

After many skirmishes over the years (TrueType vs. Postscript, XPS vs. PDF), Microsoft finally has Adobe on its home turf. The growth in the content market is online - there is a more money going towards building a rich, interactive web property than a four color brochure. In order to create rich, interactive web properties, you need developer tools, and developer tools are Microsoft's sweetspot and Adobe's Achilles heel (checked out Flex lately? Yech!).

Yes, the black turtleneck crowd will still use Photoshop and Illustrator on their Macs, but the developers building the websites are going to run from Flash like rats fleeing off a ship, and the server revenue is going to go from Adobe to Microsoft. Game over.

Nice comeback from Microsoft. The industry definitely needs a counterweight to Google, so I am not surprised that people are suddenly more receptive to Microsoft's platform plays.


Patrick Mueller said...

Seems like there's lots of black turtleneck developers these days. Personally, I think anyone who has a decent story for Windows and Mac is going to clean up. Linux? Got that too? Icing.

Doesn't look like Popfly is going to run on mac, but can't quite tell.

Yah now, if Popfly fricken ran on Silverlight ...

Peter Yared said...

Patrick - Popfly does run on Silverlight, and runs on Windows and Mac.

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