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Peter Yared is the CTO/CIO of CBS Interactive, a top ten Internet destination, and was previously the founder and CEO of four enterprise infrastructure companies that were acquired by Sun, VMware, Webtrends and TigerLogic. Peter's software has powered brands from Fidelity to Home Depot to Lady Gaga. At Sun, Peter was the CTO of the Application Server Division and the CTO of the Liberty federated identity consortium. Peter is the inventor of several patents on core Internet infrastructure including federated single sign on and dynamic data requests. Peter began programming games and utilities at age 10, and started his career developing systems for government agencies. Peter regularly writes about technology trends and has written for CNET, the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, AdWeek, VentureBeat and TechCrunch.

Many thanks to Bob Pulgino, Dave Prue, Steve Zocchi and Jean-Louis Gassée for mentoring me over the years.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Aptana Rocks!

I have been programming in JavaScript this past couple of weeks using Aptana's JavaScript Eclipse plug-in. It is a really nice Eclipse plug-in that makes creating and using AJAX components a breeze. The best part is their Firefox plug-in that lets you do step-by-step debugging of JavaScript using the Eclipse debugger. Beautiful! Jeff Norton, who used to be at ActiveGrid, is at Aptana now cooking up some kind of server, can't wait to see what that will be like.

Update: Added link to Aptana, thanks for pointing out the oversight, Rektide!