Monday, August 11, 2008

Up Next from Apple: Apple TVs

Apple's next move occurred to me while I was walking by my local Apple store: Apple iTV, which will be:

  • Wall-mountable 37", 42", 50", 60+" LCD screens

  • Look cool, with a hip Apple logo

  • Stream iTunes video and audio content from the web and from your Mac

  • Have special apps on the appstore that run on your TV (sports scores, etc.)

  • Cable card compatible so you won't need a cable box

  • Wirelessly display your MacBook's video feed

  • iPhone-like touch screen remote control

  • Include a browser controllable by above remote control's keyboard

  • Built-in DVR

  • So a very cool looking TV that is plug-and-play capable of showing video rentals and playing music. This will do to Sharp/Sony/Samsung/Comcast what the iPhone did to the Blackberry and AT&T: cost more, eviscerate the market, and bypass the network operator. Sweeeet.