Saturday, January 10, 2009

Management Page 2.0

When I check out a startups' website, one of my first stops is the management page so I can see who is involved with the company. Even the most innovative startups offer up staid, out-of-date photos, and there is no way to quickly figure out if you have mutual friends, since you have to search for the name at LinkedIn and Facebook and there are often multiple people with the same name. For our management page at iWidgets, we took the easy way out (why pay for photographers?) and show Facebook badges with our current pictures and status updates as well as a link to the LinkedIn profiles. The pictures are always fresh and also include live status updates, and people can clickthrough and see if they have common friends.

It would be great if LinkedIn had a little "bio" widget you could add to web pages that would show your picture, employment history with detail hovers, and even a list of common connections for the person viewing the bio if they are logged into LinkedIn.

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Uday said...

Yes it's innovative idea for the management page.