Saturday, February 28, 2009

Newsfeed User Engagement - It Really Works!

I have been talking and blogging about the power of newsfeed engagement for a long time, but even I was impressed last week during a demo to a large publisher. Usually I use a fake Facebook profile for demos, but this time I used my own since I was already logged in as myself.

The first demo was our American Idol Social Poll, followed by our Inauguration Video Poll. Both of these polls posted my actions to my newsfeed.

Within 15 minutes, friends had engaged with both newsfeed items! One friend commented on who she thought would win American Idol, and another friend reminisced about hearing JFK's inaugural speech as a child. I have to admit, even I was blown away by the immediate friend engagement.

It used to be that user engagement features such as polls would engage a user for a few minutes and they would move on to the next thing. Now, brands like CNN and have the opportunity to help a user express themselves, and also engage a user's friends which leads to higher engagement-based CPMs and additional traffic. Self-expression for the user + more revenue for the publisher = win-win for both the user and the publisher!

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