Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Real Time or Popular Recent Time?

On one hand the "real time web" is great, but on the otherhand it is overwhelming. I find myself checking in and out of the stream. In some ways, I miss Facebook's old weirdly algorithmic way of summarizing what everyone was up to on my homepage. There is a bit of that sandwiched to the right of the Facebook homepage, and Tweetdeck try to guess at popular tweets, but I find these interface lacking.

TweetMeme and The Hype Machine are interesting takes on what is popular on the overall stream.

What is ironic is that Facebook redesigned to mimic Twitter, but there are popular Twitter sites that are mimicing how Facebook used to work. Something in between the two is likely to be the eventual answer...

1 comment:

Richard Jalichandra said...

Couldn't agree more. Now we need to popularize "popular recent time"!