Thursday, October 22, 2009

Feed the Feed - How to Populate the Real Time Web

Now that search engines like Google and Bing are incorporating status updates from Twitter and Facebook, getting your content into peoples' feeds has become more important than ever. Sites like The Huffington Post that are Facebook Connect enabled are seeing tremendous traffic growth from just newsfeeds, and this will be magnified by their links showing up in search results. So how can a Facebook Connect enabled site easily add engagement features that entice users to post links into their newsfeeds?

We at Transpond call populating the real time web "feed the feed", and the latest version of our Write Once Engage Anywhere technology offers Apps that automatically detect if they are embedded in a Facebook Connect enabled site, and prompt the user to share their engagement activity to the web.

For the CBS Emmys feature, Transpond powered the nominees poll, red carpet poll, fashion face-off, videos library, and image galleries. All of these features were tied into Facebook newsfeed updates.

When voting on a gown in the red carpet poll there is a "Publish to Facebook" checkbox placed directly below the Vote buttons.

Clicking on a vote button indicating whether you like or dislike the gown then prompts you to share your thoughts with your Facebook friends using the standard Facebook publish dialog.

The feed story than shows up in your news feed and on your friends' Facebook homepages and mobile apps.

If the user is not logged in via Facebook or the site is not Facebook Connect enabled, embedding a Transpond App prompts the user to share their activity with Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace icons:

You can easily "feed the feed" with your content by adding Transpond Apps to your website and Facebook/MySpace fan pages. Integrating deeply into Facebook Connect enabled sites is just another example of how transforming an App into a native part of its host is a far better solution that generic solutions such as embedding Flash.

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