Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Will Twitter Get 250m New Users or Will Facebook Copy its Features

Which of these is more likely to happen:

(1) Twitter adds 250 million new users that use it regularly.

(2) Facebook copies all of Twitter's features.

As I wrote in March, it is not difficult Facebook to copy all of Twitter's features, and they have since shamelessly done so.

Think of your stay-at-home mom in the midwest that is using Facebook to keep in touch with all her friends. She wants to subscribe to businesses to get deals and see what her favorite TV stars have to say. What's she going to do? Try out Twitter with its lack of inline photos and videos and unintuitive nonthreaded comment streams, or become a fan of their Facebook fan pages and have everything cleanly inserted on her Facebook home page? No brainer.

As reported in Techcrunch, Comscore shows Facebook continuing to grow while Twitter is flattening out:

Twitter is great and all, but it needs to fix its UI ASAP if it wants to grow. And no, expecting moms in the midwest to find random 3rd party applications does not count!


Michael Neale said...


Or "have you stopped beating your wife yet?" - it can be both. Facebook have arguably copied all the features already - but you don't see facebook status feeds on the bottom of CNN or video clips etc...

Peter Yared said...

Yes, Facebook has copied most of the Twitter features already, and Twitter's growth has flattened. Everytime CNN wants to know what the people are thinking they do a Facebook status integration. What microbloggers are thinking, a Twitter feed. The question is will Twitter grow to have the same number of active users as Facebook?

Alice said...

Facebook don't have to be jealous or something because they have their own branding when it comes to doing social media. And I think they are doing this to build more traffic and so more will use the application.

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